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The Internet is a powerful job hunting tool. For some people it can work superbly, but for others it can be surprisingly ineffective.

On the Down Side

On the downside, the only jobs that will be posted on the Internet are those that have not already been filled by candidates who have networked into or have targeted organisations. Internet job hunting is so easy that if a good job is posted, many hundred good applicants may send in their resume.

On the Up Side

On the upside, there are some fabulous research and job-hunting tools on the net, and the larger job boards have excellent facilities for matching the right people with the right jobs.

The Starting Point

Jobsearch is an employment portal providing details of job search and career sites throughout Australia.

Jobsearch is also useful for helping you to identify the industry-specific job boards you should be looking at.

Resume Distribution

Another important tool is a resume distribution service like Resume Express - this gives you a very simple facility to distribute your resumé to thousands of recruiters. When using this, remember that recruiters will be receiving a lot of resumés by email - yours must instantly stand out. With a good resumé, Resume's Express service gives you massive coverage at a low cost.

In Summary...
The Internet gives you access to some superb job hunting tools, and it may work for you very quickly. Use of the Internet is an important strategy to use as part of your job hunt.