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The Disability Employment Service (DES) is a network of specialist employment services supporting people with disability to get work in the open labour market. The network is made up of 246 community and private organisations across Australia, providing expert support and services to people with disability and employers.

Through the Disability Employment Services, job seekers with disability, injury or health conditions may be able to receive assistance to prepare for, find and keep a job. Disability Employment Service Providers are a mix of large, medium and small, for-profit and not-for-profit organisations that are experienced in supporting job seekers with disability and experienced helping businesses to put in place practices that support the employee in the workplace.

DES members provide the Disability Management Service and the Employment Support Service.

Disability Management Service

The Disability Management Service is for job seekers with disability, injury or a health condition who need the help of an employment service but do not expect to need long-term support in the workplace.

Employment Support Service

The Employment Support Service is for people who have a permanent, or likely to be permanent, disability. To qualify you must need specialist assistance for more than six months after being placed in a job, or need ongoing support to keep a job.

DES also provides help for people with disability in ‘job in jeopardy’ situations. Employees who are likely to lose their job as a result of their disability may be able to receive immediate help or support from a DES member to keep their job. We provide a range of specialist services, individually tailored to meet your employment needs, including:

  • Help to prepare for work, such as:
  • Training in specific job skills
  • Career advice and guidance
  • Vocational training
  • Skill identification / job suitability
  • Job search support, such as:
  • Job search tips and advice
  • Resumé construction
  • Interview preparation
  • Employer contact
  • Individual canvassing for you

Support when first placed into a job

Continued on-the-job support for you and your employer to help you feel confident and work towards independence

Interpreting service available

Not only will our employment consultants market for suitable employment on your behalf, they will also encourage and support you to help you find your own work. And our support doesn’t stop when your new job starts. Our employment consultants will be there to help both you and the employer make sure that your new career starts off as smoothly as possible.

Remember, it’s your right to apply your skills, access productive employment, pursue professional goals and enjoy the benefits of financial independence and personal satisfaction.

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